And we are quarantined!

This stupid rash continues to evolve and we still don't know for certain what is going on. The pediatrician has basically quarantined Giovanni to the house until further notice. My husband spent the morning texting her pictures so she could see what the rash looks like compared to yesterday. He goes back to the doctor Thursday morning so she can reevaluate the situation. Apparently they are concerned as we were asked to come to the back door to avoid exposing him to other children...which I completely understand.

The initial thought is that this could be chicken pox. My gut tells me that it is not, and that it is probably being caused by a virus. He is sooo itchy so we have had to give him Benadryl several times.

If you remember, back in June he was in isolation at Albany Med for a rash that looked just like measles...and this was right in the middle of the measles outbreak. Turns out the rash was caused by a combination of Parvovirus and Coxsackie. I hope history isn't repeating itself...