Not Again!

Over the past couple of days, Giovanni has seemed "off." When I got home from work today, he had just woken up from his nap (which is strange as he never sleeps that late) and was sitting eating blueberries at the table. A few minutes later I noticed that he was having what looked like full body tremors. This went on for several minutes, followed by very bizarre, non-purposeful movements of his arms. It then completely stopped, and he continued on eating. He seemed a little groggy, but nothing too concerning.

A little while later he started moaning and itching his legs. I thought maybe he scratched himself so I pulled up his pant leg to take a look. His leg was covered in what looked like insect bites. I immediately removed his pants only to find that both legs were covered in these bumps. My husband and I noticed that these bumps were multiplying rather quickly, so we decided to bring him to be seen by a doctor. Luckily, our pediatrician has walk-in hours until 7, so we were able to get him right in. By the time we got there, he had these insect bite-like bumps on his torso and arms.

The pediatrician was absolutely baffled. She said that there wasn't anything they could do at this point as we don't know what it was from. She advised me to take pictures of the rash so that we could track its progression. We are giving him Benadryl to keep him comfortable (he is so itchy) and keeping our fingers crossed that it is better tomorrow. If not, back to the doctors we go.