Hospital: Day2

Today was a little better of a day, aside from the sleep deprivation. Giovanni didn't sleep well last night, which means that I didn't either. When we spoke to the neurologist this afternoon he said that there was a period last night where the EEG pattern changed, but he cannot say whether it was a seizure or not as it has to be reviewed by the epileptologist. My gut says that it wasn't as I know the detection software they use is quite sensitive, but who knows.

It is hard to explain this monitoring, but essentially he is hooked up to an EEG that is constantly recording. He is also under video surveillance at all times...which means I am too. If I see this "bizarre behavior" that he has been exhibiting I have to press a button the marks the video and EEG and it will be immediately reviewed. If he doesn't have an episode, therefore I don't push the button, the entire EEG along with the video will be reviewed after discharge. This whole process takes about 2 weeks.

I am hoping to be able to bring him home Thursday, Friday at the latest. Despite being away from the comforts of his home and his familiar environment, I have to say he is adjusting rather well...minus the sleeping part.

Thanks again for all of the thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate them!