Hospital: Day 3

These past 24 hours have been an emotional rollercoaster. Last night he got woken up by nurses as he had some alarming movements in his sleep. They were just responding as they were supposed to, but abruptly waking up a 2 year old at 1:15am never leads to anything good. After two hours of screaming I finally got him to settle down.

This afternoon he had a period of unresponsiveness. He was not responding to me or any of the nurses, and lets just say there was a moment or two of panic. The neurologist was able to pull up the video when he came in and thought it was rather bizarre. While nothing immediately jumped out at him on the EEG, he said that it needed to be reviewed by the epileptologist. The plan is to watch him over the next 24 hours and then regroup tomorrow afternoon to come up with a plan.