Heads Up

After two and a half weeks of horrible sleep due to a sudden fear of monsters and ghosts, we have finally found a solution. I picked this little gem up for less than $10 at a local toy store. Tonight was his first night using it, and so far so good!

I also wanted to post a quick update about some things going on with Giovanni...

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a reemergence of his "typical" seizures. These are the ones where he suddenly zones out, his eyes fixate downward and to the right, and he incoherently babbles. Last week, after witnessing two in one morning, we called our local neurologist and got an appointment for this week. He has also been having several staring spells a day, in which he is unresponsive during.

At the appointment, in addition to his neurologist, there were also three residents in the room. He took a liking to one of the female residents, and started showing interest in the Minion on her stethoscope. All of a sudden she started snapping at him and said several times "he's having an episode, he's having an episode". Sure enough, Giovanni was blankly staring off into space, not responding to verbal or physical stimuli.

The end result was a medication increase and an ambulatory EEG, which they will do at home. Ugh!