A Day I Cannot Forget

Two years ago today is a day that my heart will never forget. It was a day that made me question my faith. It was also the day that made me have to accept that there are things in life that are beyond my control. It was the day Giovanni had his MRI.

I think back to the exact moment I received the call from Giovanni's neurologist. I remember answering the phone in my bedroom, then falling to my knees in the hallway as he delivered the very unexpected news. Even though my immediate thoughts consisted of anger, desperation, and sadness, an immediate fight or flight response kicked in. I needed to switch into my "mama bear" mentality, and do what I had to for Giovanni.

When times get tough, and life seems like too much to handle, I go back and read these words that I wrote that night...

"It is amazing how quickly life can become complicated by a few small words, leaving one to wonder why bad things always seem to happen. In times that we question life’s fairness, it is important to keep things in perspective. While we may not understand the immediate reason why things happen in life, there is always a bigger, greater reason, far beyond our comprehension. As difficult as it may be to understand things now, we must remember that one day it will become clear to us, and all the pieces of life’s puzzle will come together and make sense".

While things may not be as clear that I had hoped, and so much is still unknown about his future, I can only hope that the fight I have fought so far has had a positive impact. I pray that he will grow up happy, and have all the opportunities in life that he deserves.