I wanted to post a quick update on Giovanni, as so much of my focus lately has been on this inclusive playground project.

The last week and a half have been a bit rough. Giovanni has been struggling a bit more than usual with balance and coordination. He has been falling quite frequently, for no particular reason. Last Tuesday, he was working with his OT on barrel walking, when his little arms gave out and he smashed his mouth on the floor. He cut his lip pretty good, but it wasn't anything that a little cuddling and a freeze pop couldn't take care of. He is also randomly falling as he walks; sometime he falls flat on his face, other times he is able to catch himself on his hands and knees. Last week he ran a high fever for a couple of days, so maybe that is contributing to his clumsiness.

On a positive note (barely) we were informed during a doctor's visit last week, that he gained a whole ounce (note the sarcasm). But seriously, considering his was diagnosed as "failure to thrive" for the entire first year of his life, we will take it! At least he isn't losing weight! I love my skinny boy!