CPSE Eval: Part 1

Today was a very exhausting day for Giovanni! It was the first part of his CPSE (Committee on Preschool Special Education) evaluation. Today he underwent over two hours of psychological and speech-language testing. About 45 minutes into it, he fell asleep in his chair. It was actually pretty funny! After a 20 minute catnap, and was able to finish out all of the tasks...but of course not without a bit of an attitude!

Overall, he did fairly well. He scored well on the cognitive portion, but only in the 4th percentile for adaptive. On paper, his language looked amazing, however, they said he didn't have the level of spontaneous verbalizations they were hoping for. They are going to observe him in his developmental group next week to see how he functions in more of a social/learning setting.

Next week is part two of the testing, where he will be evaluated by both PT and OT. We should be hearing something soon about our meeting with the school district to determine what services he will receive.