Another Milestone

Today marked another milestone for Giovanni. He has officially started preschool! He was so excited to go play with his "new friends" and meet his new teacher. His preschool is located at a nearby college, so many of the students working on their degrees in education are student observers/assistants in the classroom. With all of the assistants today, the ratio today was 2:1!

Many people have asked me if he is attending a "typical" preschool. Yes he is. While he has qualified for services through the school district, it was decided that attending a typical preschool was to his advantage. He will be getting 3-1 hour sessions from a SEIT (special ed teacher) as well as 2-30 minute sessions with a speech pathologist while at school. He will also be getting PT once a week and OT twice a week, but these services will be provided in our home.

We are very excited to watch Giovanni grow and develop through this opportunity. He had a great first day and is so excited to go back on Monday.

In the next day or two I will post an update on what is going on in regard to the seizures. For now, I wanted to keep things positive, and celebrate this exciting milestone!